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Aroma Thai massage is the Thai massage method which is applied with aromatic oils. Oil is not normally used when performing Thai massage. Thai massage, the most popular massage of the Far East, is a massage performed with various pressure and stretching methods while you are dressed. Aroma Thai massage is different. After your body is lubricated with aromatic oils that relax you with its fragrances, the movements of Thai massage are applied with expert therapists.

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Aroma Thai massage is not as hard as Thai massage as the upper layer of the body is lubricated by aromatherapy oils. It is a massage method that is more sensitive and movement is more continuous.

What Are the Benefits of Aroma Thai Massage?

  • Aroma Thai massage techniques are similar to Thai massage techniques. Especially when you need more stretching but cannot stand the hardness of Thai massage, Aroma Thai would be the answer. The aroma and the smell of aromatherapy oils also enhance the effect of massage.
  • It is also easier to maintain continuous movement on the surface of the skin so it is easier to accelerate blood flow compared to fat-free massage types. In this way, the blood flow will be accelerated during the massage and with the activation of the lymph system, the removal of the wastes and toxins from body will be faster.
  • Another benefit of Aroma Thai massage is giving flexibility for the bodies that are still and not active in the routine life. Since the Thai massage involves techniques for stretching muscles, the Aroma Thai massage uses a variety of these methods to stretch hands, arms, legs, back and neck muscles.
  • During the Aroma Thai massage, the upper layer of the body will be heated with the effect of oils. Thanks to this heat, the muscles will be affected more quickly by massage and the tissues under the skin will be more easily stretch.

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